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“I started from humble beginnings doing tree work with a pickup truck, a chainsaw, and some rope. 5 years later, earning my ISA Arborist Certification he still enjoys the work.

I aspire to continue growing and developing my skills, not the size of the business. This ensures quality of work and accountability for the client, and also ensures I don’t miss out on working in the trees!”

-Sean Drummond, ISA Certified Arborist


Dependable Service

Responsive and Clear communication

On-time for Quoting and Service Appointments

Safety and Accountability

ISA Certified

The International Society of Arboriculture

“The ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (ISA TRAQ) is a voluntary qualification program designed to train and assess candidates in a specialized field of arboriculture. When a professional earns the ISA TRAQ credential, they should be recognized by their peers and the public as a tree care professional who has specialized knowledge in tree risk assessment. To earn the qualification, eligible candidates must complete a training course, and pass both a comprehensive written assessment and a performance-based assessment. To maintain the qualification, current credential holders must retrain and retest every five years.”


Most work conducted with 2 man team Bill Oswald and Sean Drummond

Sean Drummond

Bill Oswald